Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Unseen Man

Here's a taut bit of Existential Country for you. This is the story of the dust, from the wind - whom you don't see, so much as slightly avoid. Similar themes to Ralph Ellison's and H.G. Wells's INVISIBLE MAN, yet without the racial or science fictional elements. Here is just a man who is so redundant, so usual and unnecessary that you barely notice him. Sad as hell.

Bob Garmon

I haven't been able to find out much about Bob Garmon - is he the Unseen Man?

His BMI writer profile contains some intriguing titles I'd like to hear:
"Bummin' In A Big Wide World"
"My Private World"
"Reflections Of A Fool"

There is a hot little number called "I'm A-Ready Baby" under the "Bob Garmon & His Studio Combo" name on a 45 on little-known Amber records. This is an earlier number that Rockabilly hounds have comped and YouTubed: