Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Argo sliced peaches

Since the last product I posted featured packaging that clashed with the blog, I'm now posting a can that fits right into the color scheme.

Another massive representation of the ballsy Argo line - I featured the Argo can of peas in an early post. Again, for less than a dollar you get an ample amount of a classic side dish, wrapped in steakhouse brown.

But notice something special here with the peaches - a detail that lets you know that the Argo company's balls hang low to the ground in all four seasons: Right on the front of the package we learn that these are "IRREGULAR PIECES" of "Yellow Cling."

Telling it like it is. The last time I bought something marked "IRREGULAR," I was standing in a Marshalls, it was 1986 and I had a total of $7.00 to my name. It's now 2011, and though many things have happened, not much has changed.



Monday, July 4, 2011

Rudy's World Famous Pork Rinds

My wife brought this home from Big Lots - worth posting for obvious reasons. The really striking thing to me is how much the color of this bag clashes with the color scheme of this blog.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Fisherman's Net

Found this great can of sardines at the BIG BEAR grocery store on S. Candler Road in Decatur. It's the only place I've encountered this brand. Apparently there is no more domestic U.S. production of sardines for canning - you'll notice that this was "packed for" a company in Massachusetts, but the stamp at the top says "Product of Canada."

You'll also notice that these fish are good until 2015 - I couldn't wait that long, and ate them in 2011. They were good! I would definitely buy this kind again - very firm and flavorful fish, what I want in a good can.

Fisherman's Net 1