Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Argo sliced peaches

Since the last product I posted featured packaging that clashed with the blog, I'm now posting a can that fits right into the color scheme.

Another massive representation of the ballsy Argo line - I featured the Argo can of peas in an early post. Again, for less than a dollar you get an ample amount of a classic side dish, wrapped in steakhouse brown.

But notice something special here with the peaches - a detail that lets you know that the Argo company's balls hang low to the ground in all four seasons: Right on the front of the package we learn that these are "IRREGULAR PIECES" of "Yellow Cling."

Telling it like it is. The last time I bought something marked "IRREGULAR," I was standing in a Marshalls, it was 1986 and I had a total of $7.00 to my name. It's now 2011, and though many things have happened, not much has changed.



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