Thursday, August 20, 2009

Truck Drivers Don't Eat Duck

This is a peculiar novelty on the theme of truckers keeping it real. First, consider: when was the last time you were offered "Duck Under Glass"? Second: I don't think this is the same Ray Parker that sang "Ghostbusters" or "A Woman Needs Love". This Ray Parker sounds kind of like the Cleveland character from Family Guy. (He's about to get his own spinoff show.)

The banjo patterns push this song along, suggesting a steady roll on a sunny midwestern highway. The key changes are idiosyncratic, but the lead guitarist makes taste, not waste, when finessing the leaps. The on-cue backup singer zombie ladies somehow legitimize the whole project.

I like how this particular tune is on Rush Street Records. I think if you were driving an 18-wheeler thru Chicago, Rush Street and the Mag Mile is the very last place you would park your rig and look for a diner.

Imagine a techno remix with the Aflac duck shredding.

"Truck Drivers Don't Eat Duck"


  1. I thought perhaps the song title was going to be a euphemism for something else all together. I can't tell you how happy I am that it's not.

    Andy, you have made my day... again!

  2. Confounding...

    Keep it up, man.


  4. With Labor Day coming up, I could not help reflecting (see my "blog") on the Marxist implications of the antagonism between the truck driver and the waitress in "Truck Drivers Don't Eat Duck."

  5. Any idea what a personalized autograph of this record would be worth. My parents have one?

    1. I will give you 100 bucks for you moms name chris? Im karen i think i might know u fromwhen we were kids...if not..i wd still like to buy it :) let me know..thanks!

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  7. Can anyone explain why the only thing I could visualize through this entire song was a big rig slowly chugging through The Land Of The Lost? Being driven by Glenda Goodwin from SNL?

  8. I think the link is broken, could you put it back up? I really want to show my son this song!