Friday, November 12, 2010

Billy Carter song alert

Thanks to my friend Geoff for hipping me to this very special post on the WFMU Blog:

Billy Beer Drinkin' Fan

Greg G. Listener has rescued three Billy Carter novelty songs that I did not even know existed, so kudos to him. The song "Beer Drinking Billy" by Bill Gibbs has one of the best captured sounds of the opening of a beer can on record.


  1. Don't forget the Billy Carter song that plays through a four-way scene in the 1979 porno "Daisy May". "Billy! Billy! Billy C! You've hogtied his style and it shows up in his smile. You know he'll be annoyed if he finds he's unemployed and he has to work for peanuts once again." In any other film, this would certainly qualify as the most absurd thing.

  2. ahhhh Daisy May, what a great porno that was !