Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If A Peanut Farmer Can Do It (So Can I)

Saved the best for first! I hesitate to call this a 'novelty record' because it really works as a spiritual, dually on the mind and body.

Ed Townsend passed away in '03. He was a music industry veteran, with a solid career of solo and collaboration projects from the mid-50s to the late 70s. Townsend had a proto-disco solo Lp called Now on Chicago's Curtom Records in 1976. His main claim to fame was close participation in writing and arranging with Marvin Gaye on the Let's Get It On Lp.

"If A Peanut Farmer Can Do It" is a musical cousin to "Let's Get it On", but takes us to a righteous place where we recognize reward for the common man's perseverance. Still, you almost expect to hear the line, "We're all sensitive people...with so much to give."

Right now some folks in Georgia have been flooded out by the Eight Days of Rain, and this is the kind of uplifting message we should send to them.

This 45 looks as if it was pressed at the same plant as "Truck Drivers Don't Eat Duck"

But all I want you to do is look back over nineteen seventy-sixxxxxxx...

Jimmy Carter

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