Thursday, September 3, 2009

Too Late To Make A Will

I'm getting up early a couple days a week to go to a Trusts & Estates class where we will talk a lot about wills.

Here's a sad song about the perception of diminished testamentary capacity. This is another little Mississippi record. The man singing the song sounds absolutely lucid ... but is that really his voice singing, or are we hearing his inner voice? Like in a Johnny's Got His Gun situation? His body reduced to rubber and string.

The children, just in the next room, rudely argue over the old man's estate, disputing share percentages. Tommy wishes to have immediate access to the estate.

"Through these veins cold water flows."

The band, recorded in an iron lung down the hall, performs the duty of playing sounds while the man is singing.


Barney Hughes


  1. Ah! So timely with all the health care debate a'brewing. Nice score.

    Insert Sarah Palin 'death panel' joke here.

  2. What a surprise after all these years!! I knew Barney Hughes back in the late '60s-early '70s in Vicksburg, MS. I was a deejay for many years in Vicksburg, as well as a few other cities. I remember Barney as a tall well-built dude with a lived-in face, good natured, very polite and sort of shy.
    Wally Adams

    1. i have often wondered whatever happened to Barney??? He was a nice man.