Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two '76 Debate cut-in records

Here are two shockingly raw cut-ins from before the 1976 election. The great thing here is that, unlike all the later novelty records, the word "peanut" only gets mentioned once! (Listen for the Henry Kissinger character.) One early Jimmy Carter media scandal at play here is his apparent admission in a Playboy interview that he "lusted after hundreds of women."

At this point the Iranians had not yet taken American hostages, and nobody knew about Billy.

In case you don't know what a cut-in record is, it's when the DJ pretends to have an interview with a famous figure, whose answers are all given in the form of audio samples of lines from hit songs.

Bonus points: Name the songs that appear in BOTH of these cut-ins! There are at least three.

Road Hog And The Neon Cactus
"The Presidential Debate"

What a great band name! You wish it was a lost psychedelic masterpiece.

You'll notice this "song" was "written" by Don Imus. All these popular song samples? This thing is a copyright nightmare. Perhaps the only thing that could save them is the de minimis doctrine ("we only used a tiny bit!"). And you can't spell "Don Imus" without "De Minimis".

Jimmy Carter

If you want to really go wild, play them both at the same time!

Super Stu / Allen Dennis & The Disco Turkeys
"The Great Debate"

Band name: they should've just dropped "Allen Dennis" and gone with SUPER STU & THE DISCO TURKEYS.

Jimmy Carter


  1. These two are both a hot mess. They make my brain hurt a little bit - too much happening in both of them. I can identify two of the songs:
    The Manhattans - Kiss and Say Goodbye
    Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music

    I don't know what the one is where the guy is saying "the disco niiiiiight" (?), or if he is even saying night.

  2. What you're hearing is the "Disco Duck"!

    Or, rather, "Duueuueuueuuauueuck!"

    Used in the Road Hog track as:

    Henry Kissinger: "Well let me t- let me ask you something, peanut puss, who's gonna take my place?"

    ["Jimmy Carter"]: The Disco Duck!


    Used in the Super Stu track as:

    Q: "Former Georgia Governor, Lester Maddox: if you're not elected President, and return to your fried chicken restaurant, what will you serve?"

    ["Lester Maddox"]: The Disco Duck!

    --The take-away point: don't forget that for a short time, Lester Maddox was running against Jimmy Carter in 1976!

  3. There is a great book called "The King of Novelty" about Dicky Goodman, the king of the 'cut-in' or 'break-in' records written by his son... Dicky stared in the '50s but peeked in the 70's with "Mr. Jaws"...

    AH, have you ever heard the Albert Brooks bit called "Party in Outer Space"? It is a hilarious take-off on break-in records... the set-ups make almost no sense at all and the break-in samples make even less... funny stuff!

    I feel bad for Jimmy Carter... he just so happened to be president during this genre's hey day. Imagine what they could have done with G W Bush?