Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Jimmy Carter Time!

Get ready.

This goes out to all you hard workers, travelers, pleasers, and boozers.

It's Jimmy Carter Time. I will post as many Jimmy Carter related novelty records as I can find. Just a warning: get your ears on straight. A majority of the country has been trained to hate on Jimmy since at least late 1980. But an undercurrent of love remains. I will show the records of love and hate. Tim Tuten of the Hideout, if you are out there, I would like you to write a testimonial about President Carter.

Jimmy official


  1. I know he "says Yes"... what else?

  2. YES. I should have mentioned what may be the ultimate Jimmy Carter inspired song poem, "Jimmy Carter Says Yes" by Gene Marshall. There's no reason for me to post the song here, as it's readily available on the Beat Of The Traps compilation and elsewhere. But I will admit to playing the song recently for my own inspiration for preparing Carter Time! here on the blizzog.

  3. Do you have Lee Mason's "Jimmy Carter We Need You?" in your stack?

  4. One more question AH... will these all be pro Jimmy Carter songs or will you include Dicky Goodman-esq spoofs too? Seems like there are more than should really exist...